Danaher - Pin Escapes vol1

Essential Body Movements Required for Pin Escapes


  • Interest is in generating torque
  • If you bridge with two feet flat on mat, all force goes up
  • It’s hard to turn when feet are flat
  • Key to generating strong torque is to transfer force from one leg to another
  • Feet start asymmetrical
  • Initial push is from flat foot on ground
  • Bridge onto one shoulder, look over shoulder as you bridge
  • Other foot tips to mat and toes grab the mat
  • Second foot keeps power going
  • At all times there is a foot pushing on the mat
  • Come to turtle
  • Successful bridge you should end up facing the same direction you started

Walking Bridges

  • When bridging after initial bridge
  • Walk your feet to the side (like a shuffle step), you get to a mechanically stronger position
  • Then complete the bridge


  • Do a rising shrimp
  • First steps are similar to bridging
  • Bring feet up, create asymmetrical feet (90 degrees)
  • Start a bridging action
  • Throw hips out, invert bottom knee so it points towards floor
  • Only two balls of feet and one shoulder are on the mat

Back Heisting

  • Shrimp out first
  • Put hips on ground (opposite of good shrimp)
  • Keep elbow close to hip
  • Head comes forward as well
  • Scissor top leg over bottom leg
  • Come to knees (grab leg)


  • Starting from turtle with head towards ground
  • Windshield wipe legs to a side
  • Knee up on side that you windshield out to
  • Rotate around other knee until you come to a sitting position
  • It resembles a curl and pivot

Shoulder Rolling

  • From turtle
  • Take body, open up knees.
  • Collapse shoulder to one side of mat
  • Roll onto shoulder until head comes in-between knees
  • Come forward and put (imaginary) opponent back in guard
  • Do not collapse on the roll
  • Create a drive leg (same side as shoulder). Knee is off the mat
  • When head is between knees, reguard

Inverted Spin

  • Bridge into opponent OR
  • Reverse shrimp to create space
  • Pull body down mat with feet
  • Roll back with bent knee and straight leg
  • The straighten leg catches opponents body (or toes go to floor if solo)
  • Elbows and knees are very close
  • Bent knee rolls under straight knee to put opponent back in guard

Putting Movements Together

  • Put all together like shadow boxing